Our Mission

At Intertrade Supplies, our focus is on offering superior, affordable architectural and general outsourcing services. We pride ourselves on the quality, speed, and professionalism of our work. We use our skills, talents, and years of experience to help you grow your business beyond all expectations.

Our story

Intertrade Supplies was established by Alexander Rovner, with a clear goal in mind: To provide a wide range of professional outsourcing services, allowing companies to focus exclusively on growing their businesses. Since then, Intertrade has expanded on an international scale. With satisfied customers all over the world, Intertrade Supplies has experienced incredible success due to our team’s reliability, professionalism, and skill.

Intertrade Supplies is a pioneer in offering both architectural and general outsourcing needs, all from one platform. Our team of experienced, professionally trained architects, engineers, designers and CAD technicians is focused on producing high-quality results within a fast, efficient timeframe.

With the right mix of talent and domain expertise, we have designed a seamless process to offer Architectural CAD Outsourcing and BIM Outsourcing Services to clients around the globe.

What we do

Our differences

Doing It Your Way

Our product strategists help create category-leading digital experiences by clarifying goals and driving consensus around a focused set of metrics.


Our breadth of in-house expertise provides numerous advantages to clients, including a single point of contact, reduced schedules, guaranteed budgets, and increased quality in design and project value.


Intertrade Supplies is well known for our reliability, responsibility, and dependability you can count on. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our word and complete projects when promised, no matter the circumstance.


We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Because each client and project faces unique challenges, we tailor our solutions to align with each of our clients' individual goals and aspirations.


Our commitment to excellence extends throughout our company, influencing our approach to project leadership, the way our professionals engage with each other and with clients, and the strategic partnerships we form.


We know how valuable time is to each and every one of our clients. Our team gets the job done in an incredibly efficient manner, all without sacrificing on quality.


Our drive – our determination to succeed – is a core value, a mindset that extends to our entire team. Our culture of excellence propels our ongoing focus on innovation, teamwork and collaboration.