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Our Services

We work with major architectural firms and provide our services to clients around the world.

BIM Implementation

Revit and ArchiCAD

BIM is so much more than three-dimensional visualization. It provides a complete process for creating and managing a building project from start to finish. Revit and ArchiCAD have robust and extensive rendering capabilities. Each program can produce photorealistic images of the exterior and interior of your project, and both feature a comprehensive suite of tools to allow fine-tuning for an optimal outcome.

Drafting and Conversion

Autocad/2D CAD

We use powerful Autocad programs to turn old 2D microfiche and paper-based drawings into digital masterpieces. Our drafters can convert and redraft handmade sketches, old paper-based originals, or scanned rough paper drawings to precise and dimensionally accurate CAD drawings according to provided specific requirements.

3D Rendering and Visualization

Our clients are visionaries, and we bring their ideas to life with advanced 3D visualization. We leverage the best new technologies to present plans to our clients and help them get a clear picture of their projects before they are built.

Executive Projects

The executive project is key to ensure proper implementation of each plan. At Intertrade Supplies, we carry out the design of works, installations, and structures. We have architects and engineers for the development of our projects, accompanying and supporting our customers through all phases, from the initial planning, to the choice of materials, to the resolution.

Preliminary Draft Projects

The first step on a project involves documenting the parameters within which we will design. This typically includes assisting the owner in obtaining a survey of the property, and a geotechnical analysis. If the project is a renovation, the initial work also includes measuring the existing building. We also review the relevant zoning and building codes and regulations to ensure a smooth process throughout.

Material Takeoff


Before an estimator can bid for or start a project, they need to know the types and quantities of materials they will need to complete it. This also gives an indication of the labor costs involved in the installment or construction of said materials. Our team will help you capture a project’s true scope, allowing you to accurately visualize and comprehend the cost and size of each project.


Complex projects become more manageable when you deconstruct them into a workable measuring process. Homeowners and business owners often balk at the redesign and/or new construction because the overall project seems so formidable. Fortunately, the way we tackle any architectural project follows a tried-and-true measurement plan that makes the daunting doable.

Interior and Graphic Design

At Intertrade, we make sure all aspects of architectural outsourcing are covered, including design. We provide all your design needs, for any architectural project you may have. Our team of professional designers delivers incredible results, time and time again.

Back Office Support

Finding consistent growth and market niche are two of the most important factors in creating a successful company. There are so many vital matters a business owner needs to focus on. Getting bogged down by labor-intensive, trivial tasks distracts you from the really important issues. We can provide a number of back-office services to facilitate the processes that make your company run. When every penny counts and your time is extremely valuable, we ensure that your team is working as efficiently as possible.

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